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Care for Your Windshield in the Winter!

As temperatures start to dip, vehicle owners must think about winter care for their cars. The freezing temperatures can cause your windscreen to crack once the mercury falls as low as the twenties. Ice and snow put a lot of stress on your vehicle glass, and you should know the right way to ensure that your vehicle is safe during these next few months.

There are some things you can do to protect your windshield during the cold winter months; follow these tips and stay safe!

  • Before winter sets in, park your car in a covered area or a garage. Cover it with a tarpaulin or use window covers in freezing temperatures.
  • A clever little tip- rub your windows with half an onion at night; this will prevent frost from forming.
  • Rub the wipers with full-strength rubbing alcohol to prevent the blades from sticking to the windscreen.
  • In order to prevent ice from forming on the side mirrors, cover them with plastic bags that are fastened with rubber bands.
  • Check your wipers. If the blades are worn out, get them replaced- worn our blades commonly fall apart in the cold, and the surface of the windscreen can get scratched by the exposed metal clips.
  • Check for small rock chips and get them repaired. Small cracks and chips can widen and deepen in cold weather conditions, so a quick repair before winter sets in can save your glass.
  • Always ensure that your windshield is kept clean. If there is any dirt on the glass, the ice will freeze fast on the dirt and will be very difficult to remove. When you run the windshield wiper on a dirty windscreen, it can cause scratches that are difficult to repair.
  • Use a good winter washer fluid that has anti-ice mix in it, and check that the reservoir is full.
  • Go slow and be patient. You will need to wake up early, and factor in some extra time to get your windshield free of ice during winter mornings. Never rush the ice removal as you can damage the surface.
  • Avoid using warm water to remove the ice. Sudden temperature changes will cause the glass to crack. Instead, run the defroster and let the ice slowly melt.
  • Invest in a plastic ice scraper or a soft brush to remove the ice. Just use a simple sweeping motion that is consistent, and work with patience. Never use knives or anything made of metal on your windshield, as you can cause deep scratches or chip the surface. Spray de-icers are also a good idea.
  • Before driving the vehicle every morning, always check that there is no ice or snow build-up on the tailpipe. This can be dangerous as it will cause carbon monoxide fumes to pollute the inside of the car. You may not realise this while you drive away, and the fumes will slowly make you sleepy and can cause an accident.
  • While driving, if the windscreen is fogged up, roll down the windows and let some fresh air in. This will quickly defog the glass.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and ensure that your vehicle stays in good condition through the next couple of months!

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