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Do's and Don'ts for Windshield Cracks


A windshield crack is one of the most common mishaps that can happen to an automobile, and almost every driver would have experienced this at least once. If your windscreen gets damaged, do not worry!- there are some things you can do to prevent it from spreading.

Here are the Do's ...

  • First of all, measure the fracture... if it is less than 12 inches long, it can usually be repaired without having to replace your windshield.
  • Make sure that you park your vehicle in a shady area. If the glass is exposed to heat, the damage could worsen.
  • If dirt, dust or other debris gets into the crevice, it can become difficult to repair it. Make sure that you cover it with clear scotch tape. Do not use sticky tape, as the glue could get into the gap and make it more difficult to clean.
  • The location of the damage is important. If it is obscuring your vision, then you must get it repaired at once.
  • Do get in touch with a reputed auto-glass provider for windshield repair or replacement. Look for someone who offers mobile service, and has a good reputation.

And here are the Don'ts...

  • If the break is deep and is larger than 12 inches, no matter what anyone tells you, it is better to get the windshield replaced rather than repaired. Also, if it is located very close to the outside of the glass, then it may be impossible to repair it. Always keep your safety in mind and do not try to minimise costs!
  • If the crack is longer than 12 inches or the chip is larger than the size of a quarter, it is quite likely that the structural integrity of your windscreen has been compromised. Call an auto glass shop at once without any delay.
  • Never postpone auto glass repairs, or try to ignore the problem. Fractures that seem small can soon spread if ignored, and larger ones can prove hazardous while driving.
  • Temperature extremes are not good for a glass that is already damaged. So if your vehicle has been parked in the sun, never turn the air conditioning on as soon as you get in. Keep the windows open and allow the inside to get aired out before you turn on the AC. Similarly, if you need to defrost the windows, never use warm water- use the heater and gradually warm the car.
  • Avoid slamming doors with the windows all the way up, as the extra air pressure created inside the vehicle in this way can make the fracture grow.
  • Till the crack is repaired, avoid washing your car or getting the windshield wet in the rain. The water pressure will further add to the damage, and dust can combine with the water and fill the crevice- making it impossible to repair.
  • Never try to fix the crack yourself. Choose an experienced auto-glass-repair specialist. Do not cut corners when it comes to the safety of your vehicle, and those in it!
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