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Glass That Makes Your Automobile

Have you ever wondered about the amount and types of glass that is used in making of your vehicle and why that glass is there? Well wonder, no more, here are some answers.

Take a look around your: car, van, truck, recreational or industrial use vehicle. Notice the glass in the front, back, sides, top and under the automobile. Ask yourself the questions, is all of this glass the same? What is the purpose of this glass? Is this glass there for style (looks) or for function (substance)?
If you walk around a typical car made in the U.S.A., Canada, or from elsewhere in the world, you will notice two large windshield glass screens.

The front glass screen or windshield faces the driver and passengers of the car and the second back glass screen or windshield is behind the back of the car’s driver and passengers. In addition to these two crucial windshields in your motor vehicle, you will find glass windows on both left and right sides of your car’s front and back, a glass rear view mirror inside front of your car, rear view mirrors in the front left and right out sides of your car, headlights glass and backlights glass if you own a vehicle that was made between 1905 to 1970s and glass on top of your car if you happen to own a vehicle with a sun or moon roof. About 25% or more of your vehicle could be made of glass, depending on the model: size, type and manufacturer of the vehicle.

Glass that is necessary for your protection, driving comfort and safety. You need this glass in the front, back, and sides of your vehicle so you can see the road you are travelling on; so you are visible to other drivers and non-drivers on the road and off the road.

The glass in, around and on top of your vehicle is also there for your and your passengers’, and interior surfaces of your vehicle’s safety and protection from: sun, wind, snow, rain, dirt, debris, temperature changes (heat or cold), falling objects, unwanted insects, animals and humans (intruders).

Not, all of this vehicle glass is the same. The glass in a vehicle varies, according to its function and location on the vehicle. The glass for your automobile was carefully engineered, manufactured and installed by its original equipment manufacturer (OEM), for its style, balancing of structure (roof), frame and safety.

Please refer to some of the previous articles in this blog section on this topic, for further information on types of auto glasses.

Three main different types of glass used in the automobile industry at present: include laminated, tempered glass and wire mesh glass. Each of this glass types have a particular protection and safety feature in mind depending on the location of where this glass is placed in the vehicle. For example: the strongest and shatterproof, UVR protection glass is what makes the front and back windshields of your car.

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