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Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are the answers to some questions we are frequently asked. If your question remains unanswered please feel free to call us or email us!

Q. Do your repairs come with a warranty?

A: We offer a warranty on the installation of your windshield or rear window for as long as you own the vehicle. This means that your new windshield or rear window will be properly installed and sealed by an experienced technician. Our warranty covers all water and air leaks, (unless it is broken or the car rusts around it) and if there is a problem with the windshield not seating or sealing properly, we will take care of it.

You will get the warranty along with your invoice in writing.

Q. Is your repair work covered under insurance?

A: If your insurance includes glass damage cover we can repair the existing piece of glass at no expense. We can usually liaise directly with your insurer and relieve you of the hassle of claiming back your costs.

In the event that your insurance policy does not cover glass damage, our quotes are still very competitively priced!

Q. If you have to replace the glass completely will insurance cover the charges?

A: Most insurance companies cover windshield replacement cost; however you must check this with your insurance provider. Again, we will deal with your insurance company on your behalf, and relieve you of the hassles of dealing with paperwork.

Q. Will my insurance premiums go up if I claim reimbursement?

A: No, under comprehensive coverage, premium rates do not go up.

Q. I have just found that my insurance doesn’t include glass coverage. Will you still do my repair or replacement work for me?

A: Whether or not your insurance has glass coverage, you will find that Auto Glass Canada is an affordable full service glass company. As we have said earlier, our rates are extremely competitive and you can be assured that our pricing is lower than that of any of our competitors.

Q. My glass is chipped; is it safer to get it replaced rather than repaired?

A: Our windshield repair process is designed to prevent the spread of damage from the initial point of impact. Repairs are usually not advised when the chip or crack is very large, or the damage is directly in the driver’s line of vision. If the chip is close to the edge of the windshield and if the vehicle has been extensively damaged, then replacements are the safer option.

Our professionals will advise you on the best option for your car, keeping your safety and the structural integrity of your vehicle in mind.

Q. What glass do you use?

A: We always ensure that we use the best materials for windshield replacement, ensuring a quality windshield installation. The glass we use is either OEM (OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer) or OEM-equivalent ensuring a perfect fit. OEM glass meets the original specifications for safety as the glass that it came with from the factory.

Q. What is the difference between Laminated Safety Glass and Tempered Glass? Which ones do you use?

A: Your windshield is made of Laminated Safety Glass which comprises two pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl sandwiched between them. During a small impact, often only the outer layer breaks. In a more severe impact, the glass shatters but usually does not fly apart due to the vinyl inner lining.

The side and rear windows are made of Tempered Glass which has been heat-treated or tempered for extra strength. Tempered glass disintegrates upon impact into small pieces of glass which are normally small and do not harm passengers.

We use the best quality glass for replacements – laminated glass for windshields, and tempered glass for windows and rear glass.

Q. The crack on my windshield is very small- can I get it repaired later?

A: No, it is advisable that you should get cracks repaired at the earliest, to avoid having them expand and causing more severe problems later on. Smaller cracks can be easily fixed by repairing the glass, and our professional windshield repair specialists will prevent your small crack or chip from expanding. The longer you wait, the more dirt will collect in the crack, causing it to become bigger and possibly break.

Moreover, your windshield is an integral part of the safety system of your vehicle and if your windshield is weakened due to damage, it could prove dangerous in the event of an accident. Chipped glass may also hamper your clear view when driving, particularly at night, which is a significant safety hazard.

Q. How long will the windshield repair or replacement take?

A: Repairs can be completed in as little time as 30 minutes, depending on the extent of the damage.

For replacements, we always request sufficient time to allow proper curing of the adhesives so that they hold the glass firmly in place. This curing process will take a minimum of one hour, and the entire job can be completed in three to four hours time from start to finish.

Q. You claim to offer ‘mobile services’…what does this mean?

A: Our mobile services save you the hassle of visiting a repair shop. We will come to your home or office, according to your convenience. This service is at no extra charge whatsoever.

Q. If I get a quote from you and decide not to go with your services, will you charge me for the quote?

A: No, our quote comes with absolutely no obligations.

Q. How can I be sure I will get professional services?

A: Because expertise really matters when it comes to windshield replacement, our Auto Glass Canada specialists are professionally certified and have extensive hands-on experience. The glass we use is either OEM or OEM-equivalent ensuring a perfect fit, and we use the most advanced primers and adhesives in the market. We also back up our work with a lifetime warranty which ensures quality work and covers you in case something goes wrong.

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