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When your vehicle windscreen gets chipped or cracked, it does not pay to neglect or postpone getting a windshield repair done. There is a common misconception that a vehicleís windshield is meant only for aesthetic purposes, but really, nothing could be more untrue! Most people donít realize that your windshield is the most important safety component of your vehicle- it is the windshield that keeps the structural integrity of your vehicle intact, and prevents the roof from caving in during a rollover accident.

The glass used is specially treated toughened glass and designed to crack but never shatter on impact. Consisting of two thin layers of glass sandwiched by a bonding material, this laminated glass is very hardy and can safely withstand the impact of the airbags when deployed. Even if the windshield is hit, the two layers are held together by the interlayer, which is typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The PVB keeps the layers of glass secure and keeps the glass from shattering into jagged pieces....keeping the occupants safe within the vehicle in case of an accident. All these special features are designed keeping your safety in mind. If just the outer layer is cracked, it is possible to get a quick and efficient windshield repair done- but if the damage is greater, then sometimes a windshield replacement may be the safest option.

Therefore, when your windscreen glass needs to be repaired or replaced, you should make sure that you come to the best professionals in town. At Auto Glass Downtown Toronto, our expert technicians always use original windshield glass with the recommended adhesive. Installation techniques used are industry recommended, without any quick fixes or shortcuts, to ensure that your safety is not compromised. If the damage can be fixed with a windshield repair, we would ensure that it is carried out neatly and professionally so that the end result is almost impossible to see.

We have your best interests at heart always, which is why we always check to see if a repair can be carried out first rather than a total windshield replacement- saving you considerable time, effort and money! When you come to Auto Glass Downtown Toronto, you can be sure of getting the best value for your dollar.

Itís not hard to see why we are the preferred Auto Glass repair and replacement experts in the country! Call us to get a no obligation value quote today!

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement in Downtown Toronto

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While your windshield is the most important glass in your vehicle, you should never neglect the other glasses as well- your rear glass, side glasses and roof glass are also as important to your driving safety. A crack in these glasses could compromise the pressure balance within and without your vehicle when you are driving at high speeds on the highway.

These glasses are not made of laminated toughened glass like the windshield- which means that they cannot be repaired in case of any damage. They are made of tempered glass, which will break into small rounded pebbles of glass when impacted. Even the smallest crack or chip will necessitate a total auto glass replacement. At Auto Glass Downtown Toronto, our expert technical team always uses only glass that is to OEM specifications- so that the fit and functionality of the replacement is true to the original.

Our team will first check to see the extent of the damage and will give you the most reasonable quote and estimated timeframe. Once you are agreeable, the auto glass replacement will be carried out in a professional manner using approved techniques and adhesives. We carry out a thorough inspection, and check to ensure that the other glasses are in good condition. After the work is done we will ensure that the doors and windows operate smoothly and all the functionality of the glass is intact.

Our technicians are so good at what they do, that we are confident enough to offer you a lifetime warranty on their workmanship! Now you can have a stress free installation with the Auto Glass Downtown Toronto team.

Do not postpone getting your vehicle back in ship shape condition- call us today and we will give you the most reasonable quote in town!

Mobile Service in Downtown Toronto

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At Auto Glass Downtown Toronto, we believe that your time is too valuable to spend in auto repair shops. This is why we try to save your time - by bringing the repair shop to you! Give us a call, and our expert technicians will be at your doorstep, ready to take all the waiting out of your repairs!

When you call to fix up the appointment, you must let us know what exactly the problem is so that we can bring along the tools and equipment needed to fix it. Our expert team will assess the damage and give you a quote without hidden charges. They will help you with all insurance formalities as may be applicable. Once you approve, the work will be finished efficiently and in a professional manner, to industry standards.

An auto glass repair normally takes just half an hour, while an auto glass replacement may take twice as long. Once done, we will advise you to wait till the adhesive dries off completely to ensure perfect bonding. After the adhesive is dried- which should not take longer than an hour- your vehicle is good to go! And all from the comfort of your own home or office, at absolutely no extra cost!

So now you no longer have the excuse of lack of time to get your glasses fixed. Donít compromise your driving safety and that of your loved ones- get a no obligation quote from Auto Glass Downtown Toronto right away!

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