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Most of your driving decisions are based on a clear view of what's ahead .and being able to see the road, and the vehicles all around you depends on your windscreen! A clean and clear windshield that is not cracked or damaged is critical to your driving safety. If your windshield is chipped or cracked, it can catch and reflect glare from sunlight or street lamps, or even the lights from passing vehicles. You may think that a smaller crack may not hamper your vision, but even a small glare can actually be a big distraction. Needless to say, if the windshield is significantly damaged, then you will just not be able to see or drive well at all.

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Till recent times, a crack or a chip in your windshield would mean replacement of the entire glass. With the technology we have nowadays, most windshields can be preserved, and the crack can be fixed almost perfectly. This is not only time-saving and cost effective, but it's also environment friendly - as it keeps our landfills free of broken windshields!

To determine whether a windshield repair can be safely carried out, just give us a call. Our technicians will visit you, assess the damage and give you a heads up on whether it can be fixed. Our special technique allows the repair of cracks up to ten inches in length. We use specially formulated resin- hot diamond gel- that makes your windshield repair almost blemish free and nearly as good as new.

Do not delay a windshield repair. If neglected, dirt and dust can settle down in the crack, making it wider and deeper and compromising the structural integrity of the glass. Your safety is important, so it pays to fix cracks right away. Remember, a clean and clear windshield means clean and clear vision. Glass that is cracked strains your eyes, and makes night driving and driving in bad weather extremely dangerous.

Windshield Replacement Vaughan

Do not make the decision on your own about whether a repair is better than a windshield replacement. You may not be the most qualified person to decide- and remember, your safety and the safety of those in the vehicle depends on this decision! To judge whether to get your windshield repaired or replaced, call us and we will help you decide.

Generally, most chips or cracks can be fixed safely and quickly, and a repair is cheaper than a replacement. There are some circumstances in which a windshield replacement is the safer option- for instance, if the crack is too deep or too long, has been left neglected and has gathered road film, or if the crack is situated in a location where fixing it becomes difficult. Also if the damage is extensive then windshield replacement may be the only safe option.

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