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What you should do if your vehicle is vandalized

You may have been taking really good care of your expensive vehicle- but what do you do if it gets vandalized? If your car has been your most prized possession, even the most minor scratches or nicks would make your stomach drop. Imagine how you would feel if, for instance, some irresponsible teen hurls a stone on your windshield on a dare- and causes rock chips on the windscreen glass! Finding out that your car has been wantonly damaged can make you feel sick, but you must stay calm and take the correct steps to ensure that the situation is under control.

Even if you do have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, you must follow the proper protocol. Check your insurance policy- it should have the clear outline of what you need to do. Report your claim at the earliest, and notify the police within 24 hours of the act of vandalism. This provides an official report without which you cannot file your claim. In the meanwhile, contact your insurer as well, and undertake the steps that they recommend. They may usually send a claims adjuster who will evaluate the damage that has occurred. Make sure that you do not clean the vehicle, attempt to move it, or clear any broken glass before they arrive. It would also make sense for you to take some photographs of the vehicle from all angles, as additional proof if required.

Only after the police report is done and the insurance assessment has taken place, should you take precautions to prevent any further damage. Your policy may require you to take concrete steps to protect your vehicle from further loss after it has been vandalized. Secure broken glass with plastic, and use tape to seal rock chips and stone chips so that they do not get clogged with dirt or dust, which makes it difficult to carry out a repair.

Never ignore or neglect a crack that is caused by a flying stone or minor collision. Especially if the weather is cold, small chips tend to spread on a car windshield, and if they become too big then it will not be possible to fix it- a replacement may be the only option. Remember, this glass is specially toughened glass which is manufactured under very high pressure- so even a small chip will reduce this pressure, and cause cracks to widen and expand.

Auto glass repair solutions that are offered by professional Auto Glass companies involve new-age technologies that make fixing cracked and badly scratched windscreens a simple process. Resin injections when carried out by experienced and certified professionals leave the glass virtually blemish- free. This process can be done in well under an hour, depending on the size and position of the damage.

However, you should be aware that larger sized cracks are not conducive to repairs; and in such cases you must follow the advice of the professionals and get your windshield replaced without delay. Don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have, as your Auto Glass technicians are there to help you restore your vehicle to the best condition possible - and restore your mental peace as well!

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