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Why Auto Glass Repairs Sometimes Fail


To understand why auto glass repairs do fail sometimes, despite best efforts, you first need to understand how the process works. The damaged area is cleaned out and filled with a liquid resin that bonds to the break in the glass- causing it to be stronger than if it were left unrepaired. As the resin is injected with force and using a vacuum tool, the air in the glass is forced out and replaced with the chemical, which fuses with the broken glass to create a near-invisible fix. This is then dried out using UV light, and appears almost blemish free after it is done.

While most of the time this does solve your problems, there are a few instances in which it doesn't work. Why does this happen?

Most commonly, repairs fail because the crack may have been too long to be safely repaired. Long cracks of over 5 inches can sometimes be patched up, but in most cases the results are not up to the mark and will not last. The location of the crack is also important- if it is too much to the side of the windscreen, then it is practically not possible to fix and should not be attempted. The technician should be able to judge through his experience whether the crack is of a suitable size and location for fixing.

Human error is the other most common cause of a failed procedure. If the technician does not have sufficient experience, then he may not be confident about what he is doing. Usually a junior technician would work as an apprentice under a senior person, till he gets the hang of it. Make sure that you pick an Auto Glass company that has experienced workers, and has received good reviews from past customers.

An experienced technician will know that the crack needs to be cleaned out well before an attempt is made to fix it. If there is any contamination in the crack, it will not take the procedure well. Rain water that has entered the crack has possibly carried dirt and grime into it, which will prevent the resin from fusing well with the glass. Sometimes wax may also enter the crack, or special products which may have been applied to the glass to enhance its appearance. These chemicals will totally repel the resin and prevent bonding.

This is why vehicle owners are advised to cover the chipped area with scotch tape or duct tape as soon as possible after the damage has occurred. The tape will help keep the glass clean until it can be attended to.

Another reason why this could fail is if substandard products are used for the grouting. Minor chips can be fixed using a low viscosity resin, but if the crack is deep then a resin of industrial strength should be used. The right tools must be used for the process- these include a vacuum and injector of good quality.

Finally, after applying the resin, the curing that is done must be performed using an ultra violet light- this process should not be speeded up, as if the resin doesn't dry out properly then the setting process is not complete. Make sure you don't try to hurry up your technician- he knows what he is doing better than you do!

When properly executed by experienced technicians using the right materials, a crack repair can last for several years and will save your vehicle glass from further damage. Don't delay- get it seen to at the earliest!

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