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Why you must never delay Windshield Repairs


If their car showed signs of engine trouble, few vehicle owners would delay a visit to the workshop. Routine maintenance checks are also generally taken care of on time. However, many car owners tend to neglect attending to windshield cracks on a priority basis. Most people doubt the urgency to get a chip on the glass fixed-after all, it doesn't really hamper their driving in any noticeable manner, unless it's right in the field of the driver's vision. The crack may seem too small to be even noticed, and they tend to put this down as something that can be attended to at leisure, probably along with the next scheduled workshop maintenance visit!

However- as any reliable auto glass mechanic will tell you- the importance of getting a chip attended to at the earliest cannot be emphasized enough. Windscreen glass is very susceptible to internal and external stresses, and if left for any period of time the chip can develop into a crack which will be too large to set right easily.

Windshield glass is subject to many forms of stress and strain. Temperature changes, road vibrations, and wind force all cause the glass to be subject to pulling and pushing forces. The highest stress normally occurs close to the outer frame, and is least in the middle. If the glass is intact, these forces are distributed and as the glass is toughened and laminated, the glass stays in place. However, if there is a crack- however small- on the glass, it loses its structural integrity, as the ability to distribute these stresses in the proper manner is no longer there. Temperature and vibrational stresses cause pressure to build up at the sides of the chip, and eventually the crack will deepen. If the chip is in a location closer to the sides of the glass- where the pressure is higher- the crack will develop very quickly.

A windscreen that is cracked will compromise your safety as it can lose its structural integrity and shatter to pieces. Also, in case of an accident, if the airbags deploy the glass will fly apart and break into sharp shards of glass that can launch themselves at the occupants of the car. If the vehicle rolls over, the windshield will not hold its form as it has been structurally compromised, and the roof can cave in.

There are many advantages to getting that rock chip or tiny crack attended to at the earliest. If a small crack is subjected to stresses, then it can travel in all directions in next to no time. It could easily develop into a longer crack that cannot be safely repaired, making replacement the only option. A repair will ensure that the originally fitted automotive glass is retained- improperly fitted glasses come with their own set of problems! Also, the longer the crack, the more difficult it is to fix.

If properly executed, crack repairs save you time and money, minimize the damage to the glass and give you a proper surface for the deployment of the wipers. Timely repairs also reduce visual distraction and aid in safe driving. So, the next time you get a chip on the windscreen glass, don't delay that visit to the auto glass workshop!

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