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Window damage should only be handled by professionals!


Small rocks, flying debris or a hailstorm may cause your windshield to get chipped or cracked. Windshield cracks can happen due to multiple reasons....but regardless of the cause, they should never be left untended! Some drivers try to go as long as they can without paying for a windshield repair...and end up paying a heavy price.

Driving with a cracked windshield is a definite no, as even a small chip can keep getting deeper. Whatís more, if you drive with a cracked windshield in the rain or snow, it can just suddenly break open or cave in. While a minor chip is not too scary, a large crack that looks like a spiders web - called a spider crack- must be fixed immediately as it is compromising the structural integrity of the glass.

Hereís what the experts have to say about cracks in your windshield and some Doís and Doníts on how you should deal with them.

DO: Inspect your windshield regularly!

Most drivers never bother to look at the entire surface of the windshield every time they get behind the wheel. Unless there is a crack right in the middle of their line of vision, they may not even notice the damage unless itís too late. And if a crack is not noticed, it can grow larger, or can accumulate dirt and dust that causes it to become irreparable. Always make sure you quickly scan the entire windshield every time you hit the road.

DO: If you do notice a crack, cover it with duct tape till it can be repaired.

Use clear duct tape, the non-sticky kind which will not leave a residue, in order to protect the crack from dust. If dirt gets into the crack, it can make it deeper and wider and impossible to repair without a blemish.

DONíT: Avoid using the defroster, air conditioning or heater

Temperature changes will make the glass expand and contract- causing the crack to widen.

DONíT: Avoid washing the glass with soap

Soap and water will drive dirt into the crack, and you donít want that to happen. For the same reason, do not drive through a car wash also.

✅;DONíT: Never try to use a Do it Yourself Kit and fix the crack yourself!

DIY kits and DIY videos show professionals who have a steady hand and years of expertise. They may certainly make it look simple- but do you really want to try fixing something that is so expensive, and that you have no experience in? DIY repairs under unstable temperature conditions may cause problems. Also, if the crack isnít cleaned, and the surface properly prepared, you could worsen the damage instead of repairing it.

DO: Visit a professional before itís too late.

There is a reason why you visit a doctor for a surgery, and never attempt to fix your medical problem yourself! Professionals are there because they are the best at what they do! Once the crack starts to expand, only a professional technician with sufficient experience will be able to repair it in a safe manner so that it is virtually blemish free.

Getting a small crack fixed by professionals is not only quicker, it also costs a lot less than a full windshield replacement. So hurry, contact your auto glass professional right away!

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