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Windshield Repair or Replacement- Important Precautions

If you have decided to take your vehicle in for a windshield repair or replacement, you must keep these important precautions in mind.

Cover the crack: The moment you notice a crack or a chip in the glass, cover it with clear duct tape that does not leave a sticky residue. This will prevent dirt collecting in the crack till the time you can get it fixed. Do not postpone calling your technician; a small crack could very well become a larger one if left unattended.

Repair or Replacement? Make the right decision! Small cracks on the glass can be fixed, provided they are not located in a critical zone. If the damage is extensive, then it is better that you go in for a replacement. Your technician will be the best judge of this.

Pick the right auto glass company: Make sure that you pick the right company- one which uses only OEM components, and industry recommended adhesives and resins. Their technicians should be experts and they should offer a warranty on their workmanship.

Pick the right technician: Technicians who are NGA or AGRSS certified are committed to providing you with safe and excellent auto installations. Repairs and replacements should only be done by skilled technicians who have sufficient experience and who are trained in industry best practices. They should not use any short cut methods as this will compromise your safety.

Clean the glass thoroughly: Ensure that the glass is first cleaned properly to avoid contamination with dirt or dust.

Correct procedure: While carrying out a repair, the right resins should be used, and curing should be done for sufficient time to ensure that the repair is perfect.

A windshield installation should be done by skilled technicians to ensure that the seal and fit are as close to the original as possible. The old glass should be removed without damaging the pinch weld panel. The adhesive must be perfectly applied and the glass placed with the right amount of pressure. Curing should not be hurried.

Check for fragments of glass: After a repair or replacement, check to ensure that small fragments of glass are completely removed.

Check the wipers as well: If the windshield wipers are damaged, get them replaced as well. They can cause streaks and smears on your new glass.

Limit driving: Try to keep the car indoors for 24 hours, to ensure complete curing of the adhesive or resin, and increase the bonding. Full strength is achieved only after 24 hours.

Do not wash the glass: 24 hours both before and after the work is done, the glass should not be power washed. This is to prevent temperature and pressure fluctuations which could cause the glass to get damaged. Gentle rain or moisture will not damage the glass.

Do not cover the vehicle: Keep the car uncovered, and leave a window slightly open for 24 hours after the work is done. Air pressure building up inside the vehicle could cause a leak through the adhesive.

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