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Auto Glass Repair Markham

Windshield Repair or Replacement

Auto Glass Repair MarkhamHave you ever realised just what an important role your windshield plays in the safety of your vehicle? At Auto Glass Markham, we’re the windshield specialists and we know that you just cannot take your vehicle glasses for granted!

Your windshield is part of the safety restraint system of your vehicle, and there are many ways in which a properly installed windshield keeps you and your passengers safe when you drive.

The safety restraint system of your vehicle is comprised of the windshield, and the other auto glass cars- the windows and the rear screen, seatbelts and airbags. However most people commonly think that only the seat belts and airbags are contributing to their safety when driving. What they do not realise is that the windshield supports the roof and the passenger side airbags during deployment. An improperly executed windshield replacement would result in the glass popping out – and one can only imagine the fate of the passengers in such a situation.

Again, during a rollover accident, the glasses maintain the structural integrity of the whole compartment and prevent the roof from collapsing and crushing the occupants of the car. If the glass gets detached due to the force of impact, this can have catastrophic consequences in an emergency.

Windshield glass is shatterproof due to its design. It is made up of two layers of glass sandwiched around a layer of polyvinyl material, which is elastic and cushions the impact. The polyvinyl also prevents the glasses from breaking into shards and holds them together, protecting the occupants from being impaled by broken glass.

Due to its construction, in case the glass is cracked it is possible to do a windshield repair instead of a total windshield replacement- saving you both time and money. Our technicians will evaluate the damage to see if a windshield repair is safe, and will advise you accordingly.

All these are reasons enough to make sure that you always get your windshield repairs and replacements done by the experts. When you come to Auto Glass Markham, our professionally trained technicians will fix your windscreen without compromising your driving safety.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call and rest assured your vehicle is in the safest hands!

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

While a crack in your windshield glass can be fixed through a simple windshield crack repair process, the rest of the glasses on your vehicle cannot be so easily repaired. These glasses are tempered and not laminated- meaning, they are created using a special heat process that adds to their strength, but does not prevent them from breaking. Even a small chip or crack will necessitate a total auto glass replacement for these glasses.

This, however, need not take time when it is carried out by expert technicians- and we will make sure that you get a very affordable price, too. So now you need no longer postpone getting your auto glass replacements done. Prudent and timely repairs will ensure your safety. Driving around with broken windows can be really hard, especially in the rainy season or in cold weather.

For all your auto glass replacements, all you have to do is call the experts at the Auto Glass Markham shop. Our technicians will come to you in an emergency, so that you do not have to waste time coming over to our workshop. All the glasses we use are top-notch OEM quality, and we use industry recommended adhesives, tools and techniques to ensure that you get the perfect auto glass replacement. Our warehouse is well stocked with glasses for various makes of vehicles, so you can be almost sure that we have what you need ready with us.

When you come to Auto Glass Markham, you are assured of service that is speedy and thoroughly professional. Never postpone having your glasses looked at by a professional, as it could make all the difference to your driving safety! Call the experts at Auto Glass Repair Markham today.

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